Superpowers for Instagram

Chrome Extension

Mass Follow

Follow all users from a scrollable list. It works on the followers, following, likes and search view.

Mass Follow Options: Skip once mass followed, Profile image required, Skip private, Blacklist, Interval (seconds), Limit, Blocked pause (minutes)

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Mass Unfollow

Unfollow all users from a scrollable list. It works on your following view.

Mass Unfollow Options: Mass followed required, Skip follower, Days followed, Skip verified, Blacklist, Interval (seconds), Limit, Blocked pause (minutes)

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Mass Like

Like all posts from a scrollable list. It works on the search view.

Mass Like Options: Interval (seconds), Limit, Blocked pause (minutes)

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Autopilot New!

The autopilot performs a series of actions and repeats them after a certain pause.

Autopilot Options: Action list, Repeat after (minutes)

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Unlimited and Ad-Free

PRO Version

Frequently Asked Questions

Can I use the extension with multiple accounts?

Yes it works with multiple accounts. It remembers the mass followed users for each account separately. Note: The data is stored local on your machine. We are working on a feature to export and import the data.

How can I stay aligned with the Instagram community guidelines?

Please carefully read the Instagram community guidelines. If you do long and frequent mass actions, you may get action blocked. Then you can no longer follow, unfollow or like for a certain period of time. Usually action blocks last for a few minutes. But sometimes they can last much longer (e.g. 2 days). To prevent action blocks, you can adjust the options "Interval (seconds)" and "Limit" accordingly. You can also do fewer mass actions. Note: The extension pauses automatically when an action was blocked.

What is the difference between the free and the PRO version?

With the free version you can only follow, unfollow and like a maximum of 20 at a time. With the PRO version you will get unlimited following, unfollowing and liking. Note: Technical Instagram limits still apply. Another difference is that the PRO version is ad-free.

Something is not working, what should I do?

Usually, you can reload the Instagram page to fix the problem. At the top left, click Reload .

If that doesn't work, we'll take care of the problem. Please use the Support section on the extension page or send a mail to

Please provide the following information:

  1. Where does it happen? (e.g. on the followers view)
  2. When does it happen? (e.g. when I click the "Follow all" button)
  3. What happens? (e.g. action gets stuck at "Following 1/1000 ...")

Thank you for the cooperation.

Superpowers for Instagram

It remembers the mass followed users.

So you can later mass unfollow those only.


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