The Chrome Extension was deactivated without further notice. I wrote to the support and the reason for the deactivation is simply wrong: "providing unauthorized access to content protected by intellectual property rights". Therefore, the extension must now be installed manually in Chrome. The current zip file can be downloaded here. In Firefox and Edge, the extension can still be installed normally.

Superpowers for Twitter

Mass Follow

It works on the followers, following, likes, retweets, list members/subscribers and search view.

Mass Unfollow

It works on your following view.

Mass Like

It works on the list, profile, home and search view. It also works with the advanced search and saved searches.

Mass Unlike

It works on your likes view.

Mass Retweet

It works on the list, search and profile view. It also works with the advanced search and saved searches.

Mass Unretweet

It works on your profile view.


The autopilot performs a series of actions and repeats them after a certain pause.

Superpowers for Twitter

It remembers the mass followed profiles.

So you can later mass unfollow those only.

Unlimited and Ad-Free

PRO Version

Frequently Asked Questions

How can I stay aligned with the Twitter rules?

Please carefully read About following on Twitter. If you do long and frequent mass actions, your account may get suspended. Usually you can unlock your account again. To prevent further account suspension, you can adjust the options "Interval (seconds)" and "Limit" accordingly. You can also do fewer mass actions. Note: The extension pauses automatically when the Twitter follow limit exceeded.

How can I let it run in the background?

Please use a separate window to let the extension run in the background. In Chrome at the top right click the 3 dots > New window. The separate window must remain open, but can be in the background.

What is the difference between the free and the PRO version?
free version PRO version
Mass follow limit max 50 unlimited
Mass unfollow limit max 50 unlimited
Mass like limit max 50 unlimited
Mass unlike limit max 50 unlimited
Mass retweet limit max 50 unlimited
Mass unretweet limit max 50 unlimited
Autopilot actions max 2 unlimited
Autopilot "Repeat after" not supported supported

Another difference is that the PRO version is ad-free.

Note: Technical Twitter limits still apply.

Can I use the extension with multiple accounts?

Yes it works with multiple accounts. It remembers the mass followed profiles for each account separately. Note: The data is stored local on your machine.

How to export and import the mass followed profiles? (experimental)

Please copy and save the folder https_www.twitter.com_0.indexeddb.leveldb from:

To import the data copy the saved folder to the same directory.

How to prevent mass action from freezing or crashing?

Please change your Twitter settings to reduce the memory consumption:

  1. Select "Data saver" under Settings > Accessibility, display and languages > Data usage
  2. Select "Reduce motion" under Settings > Accessibility, display and languages > Accessibility
Something is not working, what should I do?

Usually, you can reload the Twitter page to fix the problem. At the top left, click Reload .

If that doesn't work, we'll take care of the problem. Please use the Support section on the extension page or send a mail to

Please provide the following information:

  1. Where does it happen? (e.g. on the followers view)
  2. When does it happen? (e.g. when I click the "Follow all" button)
  3. What happens? (e.g. action gets stuck at "Following 1/1000 ...")

Thank you for the cooperation.


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