Superpowers for Instagram

Mass Unfollow Options

Interval (seconds)

Wait x seconds (random between Min – Max) after each unfollow to prevent aggressive unfollowing.

Blocked pause (minutes)

Pause x minutes when an unfollow was blocked by Instagram.


The extension will stop unfollowing when the limit (successfully unfollowed users) is reached.

Days followed (minimum)

Profiles followed less than x days will be skipped.

Skip follower

Skip users who follow you

Skip follower memory (days)

Remember a follower for x days, so it will not have to visit the profile page again. This can prevent the hourly Instagram limit for profile visits from being exceeded.

Skip Verified

Skip verified accounts.

Mass followed required

Unfollow only users which have been mass followed by the extension.

Delete from mass follow history if user not found

Delete record from mass follow history if user is not found.


Comma-separated list of usernames, which will be skipped while unfollowing